Thursday, April 19, 2012

Playlist from Monday, April 16th (Nichols Park & Mary Magdalene Baptist Church)

This was a test of endurance for me... My first time teaching two Zumba classes in a row (one at 5:15pm and another at 7pm). But I made it, and despite a bit of soreness the next day, it wasn't too bad!

I won't post the playlist because it was basically the same as last Friday's with two replacements: I put in "La Ventanita" instead of "Trai La Bulla" and "Snake Charmer" instead of "Boro Boro."

One of my favorite Zumba moments ever had to be at my Nichols Park class on Monday evening. We had just finished "In a Search"; the first line of that song goes "You know I just kind of want a sexy lady..." Well, it has quickly become a new favorite among my regulars, and after it ended, one of them exclaimed "We're sexy ladies!" Indeed. :-)

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