Monday, April 30, 2012

Playlist from Wednesday, April 25th (Curves in Elmhurst, IL)

A few weeks ago I responded to an ad about a Zumba position at the Elmhurst Curves (located in the Western suburbs). After participating in the leaving instructor's class last week, I was asked to teach this Wednesday. It went very well, so I got the job! The way this class works is that the first half-hour will be "Zumba in the Circuit," whereas the last half-hour will be a regular Zumba class.

Here is the lineup from the first half-hour. I won't reproduce it every week because I'll use the same songs for 4-6 weeks.

1. I Like It - Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull - Latin/pop
2. Jogi - Zumba Fitness - Bollywood
3. A La Nena Le Gusta - Zumba Fitness - merengue
4. Las Juanas - Zumba Fitness - salsa
5. Pagaras - Zumba Fitness - cumbia
6. Zoot Suit Riot - Zumba Fitness - pop
7. Oh La Ley - Zumba Fitness - merengue
8. Evacuate the Dance Floor - Cascada - pop
9. Stand By Me - Zumba Fitness - bachata/cool-down

And here's what I did for the last half-hour:

1. La Ventanita - Sergio Vargas - merengue
2. Barranquillero Arrebatao - Zumba Fitness - salsa
3. Zoomer - Les Jumo - African
4. Caray - Rocio Durcal - cumbia
5. Het Is Tijd - K-Liber4life - soca
6. In a Search - Obie P - reggaeton
7. Para No Verte Mas - Zumba Fitness - samba/pop
8. Burbujas de Amor - Juan Luis Guerra - Latin/pop


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